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Regarding the position of Creative Director 

As a professional design leader, I’ve been fortunate to learn, to collaborate with executives, business strategy leaders, editors, writers, photographers, filmmakers, technologists, developers and engineers. I work closely with my design teams to deliver creative solutions, to achieve satisfying results and to develop strong relationships. I have become expert in design thinking, as a practitioner, a director and an instructor/lecturer/coach. Fortunately, my curiosity has been fueled as I focus on design solutions that range dramatically in topical content. I am well versed in the multitude of ways to captivate and delight an audience. It is extremely exciting to imagine, and would be an honor to be Creative Director at The Factory, for more reasons than I could list here!

At the School of Visual Arts, I was responsible for all design and content strategy as the Director of Design & Digital Media for over 10 years. The multiple platform strategy was formulated by surveying stakeholders from every key administrative and academic department. All digital initiatives, all unique print material design, all conceptually intriguing videos and many exhibitions were conceived, designed and produced by me and my team. Year after year, we delivered high profile, award-winning design initiatives in print and digital media. During my time at SVA NYC, enrollment and revenues grew by 30% as we repositioned the college as an incubator of global digital talent and polished its reputation for converting novice students into established practitioners of creative technology.

My team formulated the brand identity redesign for the SVA NYC in 2013. This strategic action continued and advanced SVA NYC’s reputation domestically and internationally as a leading institution of learning for artists and designers. 

During the past several months, I decided to branch out on my own, with a range of design projects:

> Redesigned the brand identity system, edited/designed proposals for Bendigo Healthcare x Sports marketing group. I also worked for Bendigo as creative consultant for NY Giants Eli Manning’s “Tackle Kids Cancer Challenge” with HackensackUMC Foundation, which raised nearly 2 million dollars in its first year of fund-raising towards cancer research.

> Finalizing the repositioning of an Melamed Architect’s brand in digital and print platforms.

> Designing a marketing/brand/exhibition event plan for world-renowned industrial designer, Robert Sonneman’s contemporary lighting product lines.

> I have been consulting for Highline-Huffington Post online magazine on editorial research, design, art direction, video direction and developing branded content concepts.

> Creating branding, website and event projects for Custom Travel Incentives, which owns licenses for Broadway Across America and the Country Music Awards.

> Consulting for Explain Everything, a whiteboard app on defining markets, improving brand look
and feel, creating aspirational video content to expand the brand further into the educational industry and in pursuit of the business consulting enterprise level software market.

Additionally, I’ve learned to be resourceful, while developing trusting relationships with world class talent and clients. I have managed teams from 3 to 26 in multiple locations around the world.

www.mjwalsh.work is my multi-discipline portfolio: web design, UX, UI design, brand identity,
advertising concepts, book design, publications, video and photo direction, marketing campaigns, exhibition design, and creative problem solving. I have extensive lecturing and speaking experience and I’m comfortable presenting bold, thoughtful concepts based on strategies and business goals. 

Thank you for considering me for this position.


Michael J Walsh