MJWalsh CD+d
MJWalsh Creative Direction + Design

Logo marks and Identity design

I like to show some of the homework and rough ideas when presenting logo design variations and logo marks. Sometimes these ideas can be cultivated to further elaborate and evolve a brand as it takes shape.

Bendigo and Strata, a marketing and research business in Healthcare and Sports industry

Emerging ARtists Gallery Scavenger Hunt— I was asked to come up with a look for this Augmented Reality Art Show in Ridgewood NJ. This event will lead to even more ambitious professional ARt concept interactive exhibitions.

Logo and Identity concepts for Melamed Architecture Firm.
The last five are final designs.

PROP—GANDA, a College Filmmakers and Culture online forum, based in Boston

SVA MFA Curatorial Practice department, commissioned by Steven Henry Madoff to design his department log and book mark for his collection that he donated to SVA.

snac inc, an early app company , that foresaw the app explosion before it happened, it's own way... then along came the iPhone, and the idea was hard to sustain, but some of the UX and UI development was a precursor of what is used today.

Urban Survival, a self protection seminar series, a business run by 2 former Navy Seals and a NSA trainer. Male version and a female version of the design. For males, typically, (maybe this is a little sexist, but true...) it's all about being an avenger and tough, and certainly this is similar in women, but I wanted to show a way to market to women in a way that they might appreciate: RULE #1 is RUN AWAY!

American Photography, logo mark for yearly international photographic competition of the best contemporary photographic imagery selected by industry leading curators.

Van Dien Asset Management, logo concepts and final for a wealth management services company

DNB, large, loud rock band

Abrams publishing logo concepts and identity

Community Pass, an online sign-up service for local events, sports teams and recreational programs

Design concepts for Real Jr app, done in late 2012, REAL Networks: was marketing a concept for tweens as a go-to place on their new iPhones.

Pocket, a logo for an app concept for young people to keep track of money, with budgeting, saving, planning and analysis of expenditures features, as well as "Bonus points" for strong savers. This concept is still in play as a more audience driven user friendly tool.

My depiction of the Art Directors Club cube, if you win a bunch of them, they include your depiction of it in the 90th Anniversary slide show of the club.