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MJWalsh Creative Direction + Design
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SVA Is... Video Series/ Script Writing/Video Direction

I initiated and wrote creative briefs and scripts for this video series about the School of Visual Arts in NYC, featuring interpretations of various topics related to the college. All videos are created by either alumni, students or faculty of School of Visual Arts. 

Since trying to describe SVA is a bit like describing Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden Of Earthly Delights or maybe even Dante Alighieri’s Inferno, it simplifies matters immensely to NOT require any one piece to attempt the task. 

SVA is... In Motion!—Our inaugural video explores the authentic artistic process—ideation, interpretation, execution and exhibition. This video shows collaborators from different disciplines at the College working on location in SVA’s labs and studios, showcasing SVA’s vast resources. The video ends, cleverly, revealing the project all the students were working on... the QR poster visible in the NYC subway system that initiated the video.

SVA is... Show Business!— Show filmmaking and the process of piecing together creative productions.

SVA is... Telling Stories- Something we are pretty good at... 

SVA is... Uh, what is it?- In discussions with Gail Anderson to create an alliterative animation with dozens of combinations of initialized variations of what the letters: S, V, A might stand for, e.g.: 

SVA=Several Volunteer Acrobats;

Sketching Vixens Alfresco;

Smoldering Viking Athletes;

Soulless Vampire Astronauts;

Symbolic Vermin Assimilation;

Several Vacant Apartments;

School of the Violently Awkward;

Snazzy Violet Accessories;

Something Visibly Amiss;

Sudden Voluntary Acceleration;

Shocking Voodoo Amulets;

Soliciting Violinists’ Assistance;

Soporific Visiting Aviators;

So Vacate Already;

Stop Voguing Aimlessly;

Suspiciously Vague Actions;

Sumptuous Venison Aspic;

Smelly Vinegar Artichokes;

Simple Vector Angles;

Saboteurs Visiting Alcatraz,

Siding of Vinyl or Aluminum;

Singing Ventriloquist Aardvarks;

Summer Vacation Antidote;

Such Vacant Angst;

Symbiotic Voluptuous Apples;

Stupefying Victorian Apoplexy;

SVA is... About Ideas—What are yours?